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Face Rollers 

Product Name: Fancy cool product

Brand: Others

Flavour: Unflavoured

Multipack: 1

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Type: Stick

Capacity: 100-200gm

Jade Roller Face Roller Massage Tool, Green Aventurine Applicator for Face, Neck and Body Muscle - Relaxing and Stimulating Blood Flow, Relieve..Start rolling beneath the clavicle in a downward motion, from the midline moving outwards. Then repeat the movement above the clavicle, from the midline moving outwards. Perform a sweeping roll under the chin towards the collar bone working outwards to the sides of the neck. Starting at the chin, work from the center outwards and upwards towards the cheeks. Using the large roller, work from the nose out to the ear. Continue along the upper lip, lower lip and the chin. At the chin, follow along the lower jaw line to under the ear lobe. Repeat on the other side as well. Using the large roller begin rolling from the center of the hairline towards the temples on the right side, then on the left. Repeat 3-6 times. Using the small roller, gently work around the eye area by rolling from the corner of the eye to the ear with the small roller.

Country of Origin: China

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