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SLM Pani Puri Gol Gappe Puchka kit with 4 Different Flavours 50Pcs Puris. Pudhina Pani, Hing Pani, Lasooni Pani, Khatha Metha Imli Pani and khajuri Imli Chuttney(250gm)

  • SLM Pani Puri / Phuchhka / Golgappe is one of the most popular Indian street food and popularly known as " King of Indian street food" which you just can not have one!
  • Enjoy the street style Pani Puri experience at home with this ready to make Pani Puri Kit from SLM
  • It is super easy and time-saving to prepare the Pani Puri.
  • It's four different flavours with chutney give a nice kick to taste buds.
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