Nass weight Gain & Spirulina Combo

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Gain 5-8 kg weight Naturally 

Most Popular Nass weight gain Powder helps u gain 5-8 kg weight in a month naturally, It is the best herbal health supplement to gain up to 8kgs in one month without any side effects 


It's Purely an Ayurvedic Formula that helps you gain Weight naturally

Spirulina is Superfood, It consists 45 Nutrients that our body requires on Daily basis,  It is a Protein rich diet, full of Calcium & iron,  It helps strengthen your Metabolism,  & hence help you gain weight when included with Rich diet. This superfood eliminates all health issue if being taken regularly. 

Do you want to gain fast in 1 Month, Nass Pharma weight gain is the Best herbal weight gainer , fastest weight gainer , best protein powder in India 

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