Lemon Skin Brightening Scrub

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Nature Leaf Naturals Face Scrub

Product Name: Nature Leaf Lemon Skin Brightening Scrub

Brand Name: Nature Leaf 

Product Type: Face Scrub

Capacity: 200 gm

Product Description: Nature Leaf Lemon Skin Brightening scrub infused with Lemon Peel Extract Vitamin CWalnue  shell Vitamin E & C  Olive Oil Jojoba Oil Argan Oil . This Scrub is  Tan-removal scrub and  helps in unclogging the pores and exfoliating dead skin to make you look refreshed all day long. It also helps in brightening the skin tone.This scrub enriched with Citric Acid of Lemon removes dead skin cell nourishes and brighten the skin with Vitamin C and pectin .It helps with Acne and Pimples .Nature Leaf Lemon Skin Brightening Scrub helps neutralize the effect of aging and prevent dying and dead skin .It even the skin complexion .It help to fight premature wrinkles  and Sun spot .It has noticeable shining and glowing effect on skin .

Package Contains: It Has 1 Pack Of Face Scrub

Country of Origin: India

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