Flawless Hair Remover

Flawless Hair Remover

Flawless Hair Remover

Product Code: Flawless Hair Remover
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About Product :
Are You Looking For An Ultra Easy And Painless Way To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair And Body Hair?

✅ The Creatif Venture's Painless Hair Remover Is The Best Choice For You.
✅ This Discreet And Stylish Facial And Body Hair Remover Is Sleek And Discreet. The Mini Pocket Style Is Specially Designed For Elegance Fashion Ladies, Which Also Makes It A Considerate Companion For Your Confidence And Beauty.
✅ No Nicks, Redness, Or Irritation. A Finish As Smooth As Waxing! And, With Facial Hair Gone, Your Makeup Application Is Easy.

How To Use
✅ Remove Cap
✅ Slide The Switch Located On The Side Of The Unit Upward Into The "On" Position.
✅ Gently Press The Head Of The Unit Flat Against Your Skin. The Unit Should Not Be On An Angle. Proceed Making Small Circular Motions To Remove Unwanted Hair.

Note: It Is Normal For The Head To Become Warm With Use. Cleaning (Be Sure Unit Is Off) Twist The Rotating Hair Removal Head Counter-Clockwise And Lift Off . After Each Use, Clean The Head By Using A Brush (Included) To Wipe Away The Hair Residue. Empty Any Hair From The Body Of The Unit By Turning It Over And Gently Tapping The Side. To Put The Hair Removal Head Back On The Unit, Line Up The "Groove" Indicators On The Cap With Those On The Unit And Twist Clockwise . Tips & Pointers - If The Unit Begins To Slow Down, Clear The Hair Removal Head And Body Of Any Hair Reside. If The Unit Is Still Running Slow, Change The Battery. - Gentle Enough To Use Every Day. For Airbrush- Like Make-Up Application, Use Daily.


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